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Okay, starting today I am going try to organize what to put up on each social medias so it will all be different!

Here's my main website, kind of using as a portfolio still work in progress.

My instagram that post pretty much all my stuff with my shitty phone.

Currrently decided to get back on Tumblr to post any children book WIP and comic strips.

As for DA, I think I would post up like Doodles, and sketches!
I have this awesome friend who been making his own comic for years and now he need a lil bit of help on kickstarter. Also his video is funny go click on it!…
I've been pretty stressed out lately, trying to get my childrenbook done, which is SO CLOSE only the front cover left, school, inktober, mixtape with friend, and trying make new prints by next year, and lastly did 2 tables under a week time. And today I was stressing out over a assignment I have to do over Illustrator which I barely ever touch. So right after I stopped doing h.w. for the night. I got this instagram notification.

To see and know my work is framed up and put on a wall. It really made me feel so happy I almost cried. :)
So i tried out couple of social medias for updating my art works, and I feel most comfortable right now is my instagram and tumblr, I am recently getting back to using a facebook page and not sure will that stick. So with that being said I might stop using DA or just check in with couple of peeps but probably won't update here anymore.

So if you like to follow up what i have been working on and will be working on from now on check out these links and follow if you like. 



I've been working on a lot of pieces getting ready for Dan Con, my first convention. So far everything going smoothly except one thing where I made these bookmarks but it seem like they not going arrived until days after the Con. So to make up for it in the last 3 days I trying make as many pieces for my tiny portfolio. So when it all over I will upload a lot on here :3
So I got lucky enough to get a spot in at Dan Con in about 2 weeks from now! yay!!!…

Also one of my awesome buddy let me share his table at C2E2 as well so I will be in these 2 conventions for this year so far !
I'm trying out Twitter now so you can follow me there if you guys like :)
I know a lot of ppl have pass over 100 watchers already, but it took me about... 2 years I think to get up to this point. Very happy for that, therefore I shall be posting this drawing after I'm done to celebrate for 100 watchers yay!!
I've been drawing a lot of stuff and they are a bit too big for my scanner, so I'm probably going have to go buy a scanner before I can post all these pieces up ! 
I'm not here to promote it, but just letting you all know I've just start using hitrecord which I not how many of you guys are familiar with Joseph Levitt Gordon. Hes an actor and he has been making this show for quite sometimes now. Where he have bunch of artists and collaborate together and all that fun stuff. Also it does not mean you have to post your stuff only for trying make it for the show, and heres the good part. It a great community for collaborating with other artists.

So here is my link and do check out this site it pretty cool:…
So the beginning of this year I made 12 goals since there are 12 months within a year now let see what they are again!
1. Attend 10/12 atomic sketches at least.
2. Finish up first semester of college. ( I had went to college 3 yrs ago but i had to drop out for reason so I am going back in!)
3. Finish up the bunny comic and start and finish on another one!
4. Find 5 new cool friends (ones i can either hang out with or talk to a lot)
5. (This going be new and a long shot for me but) To host a booth at a Convention!!!!
6. Go out more and become more social.
7. Work on at least 1 big art work project.
8. Become more happier and least depress!
9. Travel to another state.
10. Cut down the amount of smoking...yeah...quitting.....maybe.....
11. I will upload a new drawing at least 1 every week. cause i know there times i take couple weeks off :/
12. Finding another friend who will like to skype and draw with me!

So I actually did finished some of these which I'm happy about now let check off the list.
1. Finished
2. Finished
3. Not finished ( forgot about it :P)
4. Not finished but Satisfy with the amount I have XD. (got 2 new friends to hang and talked to and got back 3 old friends- bonded back)
5. Not finished however I definitely got this down for next year I already apply for one convention hopefully I get in.
6. Finished
7. Started- I got this small sketchbook a while back and I going try to do 30 mins sketch on each page from now on :) 
8. Finished
9. Not finished, again will be done next year because these conventions I'm aiming towards are a state or two away.
10.Finished I actually quit too! been on going strong for almost a year now :)
11. I probably failed this, had a crazy month where there was school works and stupid financial like problem.
12.Finished (not a new  friend but a friend i haven't talked to in years but we been skyping and drawing and happily he thinking of coming over to my studio to draw together once in a while)

so I was able to finished 6/12 of these goals YAY!! and looking at it I could finish almost the rest of these by next year except the one uploading once per week :/ 
Well the other day with some peeps of mine in a meeting. We talked about how easily people would steal your works and make prints out of them and sell it. Not sure how many of you guys have heard about some ebay person was making prints of J Scott Campbell and was actually selling them. But luckily Scott found out and have all his fan to close that person account down. But sadly that not just the only person who have done it. So from now on I might put the DA watermark on all my works.
I've decided to do as much convention as I can next year all across United States and possibly Canada too! Why all of the sudden? Couple peeps I know that have been doing conventions for quite some time now had asked me to join their meeting and now I got a list of conventions they be going to. So EXCITED! Also for those who live in Chicago I'm most likely will do a lot conventions here mainly because it closer XD
This a video on rating Top 10 Dangerous Cities in the US.
I live in Chicago and is rated as number 6. I know Chicago isn't the best, but living most of my life here I won't say it really all that bad. Usually if something bad happens the result comes with more security. 
Another thing to think about that is interesting is to have Chicago as part of the top ten dangerous cities, but yet it probably #1 to have architectures for our buildings. Not to mention as an artist, I am sure it would be listed as a top 10 cities to have a lot of artists opportunities.
I just thought I should share this, because there are a lot of richness in Chicago, even though a lot of people do see it as bad.
Don't worry i'm not slacking, I've been working on my Business Card design. The soonest I could get them printed would be Thursday. Secondly I am also currently working on a 1 page Comic for a Press I just joined. So I will have quite a bit to show over near the end of next week because I going have these two done by then and also I'm on Panel for Atomic Sketch. Sorry I've been kind of dead lately but I've still been drawing a lot. Also I update my Instagram a lot more since it convenient. So if you have a instagram and would like to be updated by my work you can follow me here: 
Next week I'm going be on panel on Atomic Sketch, this will be my 2nd time
So I'm kinda happy I able to find the picture of my phone when I had the table last Saturday, YAY!

My Table~! by Squall1015
Apparently I'm so bad with phone I don't even know how to take a picture with my phone -.- So I didn't took a picture of my table yesterday at the art fair OAO !

As of yesterday it could have been better if the weather wasn't so sucky, but still kind of great for my first experience having a table definitely will start doing more in the future! and this time I will use my trusty camera to take the picture instead of my phone XD
I should be sleeping because in 9 HOURS FROM NOW! I shall finally have a table to sell my art works for the first time!! YAY!!! and also I just reached to 90 watchers ! seem like 9 is my lucky number :) 
For the first time I got a slot in an art vendor, it will be for the second anniversary of an art fair Pop33. The art fair will be this Saturday October 18th. Why I didn't announced it until now, because I had a lot of problems trying make these card prints for like 2-3 days. So I wasn't sure how well it will go or will I make enough things to sell when the event comes.

The prints:  Bunny Prints by Squall1015

I just did the prints today in school and still have a little bit of issues but it worked out well at the end. I will make only 16 each of black and white because I'm not sure how well they sell yet.

For those who live in Chicago you will get to see me there and if you need the information it is:
Date: October 18th
Time:10 Am to 5 PM
Location: 3348 S Halsted St.
Also my name might be called by Chunchun_Watercolor.

Lastly there will be more prints of my other pieces, and if you are going stop by let me know if there a particular piece you want to buy so I be sure to make prints of it.

I hope I'll able to see some of you guys there!!!
and I forgot if you have instagram you can follow me here:…